Why You Should Buy a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle

toyota certified vehiclesOne of the most important decisions when buying a vehicle is whether to purchase new or used. While there are advantages and disadvantages for both, it ultimately depends on your specific wants, needs and budget. If you plan on purchasing a Toyota car, truck or SUV, a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle (TCUV) might check off everything on your list of wants and needs.


One of the biggest draws of any used vehicle is the lower price point. Purchasing a new vehicle means you’ll typically be paying much more than you would for a pre-owned vehicle, even if they’re the same model. Because the initial price is higher, you’ll have to pay a higher sales tax as well. Most insurance companies also increase their rates for drivers that own newer cars or trucks.

A used vehicle is not only cheaper up-front, but suffers less depreciation during its lifetime. The moment you drive it off the lot, your brand new car can lose up to 20 percent of its original value. If you’re unable to put down more than 20 percent at the time of purchase, it’s possible that you’d owe a lender more than the vehicle is actually worth. Pre-owned vehicles depreciate much slower. This means you can buy a Toyota Certified used car at a better price and expect it to maintain roughly the same value for significantly longer than you would a new car or a heavily used pre-owned vehicle.


Not every car or truck meets the strict requirements necessary to be considered a Toyota Certified Used Vehicle. Toyota requires each potential TCUV to meet certain standards, ensuring you’re sold the most reliable pre-owned vehicle possible. Any qualifying vehicle must be no older than six years of age and have fewer than 85,000 miles. Toyota also requires each dealer to order a comprehensive CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™ (VHR). The vehicle can only move on to further inspection if no negative results are found.

Each certified used vehicle must meet or exceed an intensive 160-point Quality Assurance Inspection. Factory-trained technicians test 160 separate points to ensure like-new feel and performance. Any issues found are repaired and reconditioned before the vehicle is officially certified.

Every TCUV comes with the Toyota Certified Used Vehicle Warranty. This includes:

  • 12-month/12,000-mile Comprehensive Warranty
  • 7-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty
  • 1-year of Roadside Assistance

Many certified Toyota dealers even offer additional warranty packages, guaranteeing years of reliable performance and service for your new vehicle.

Certified Used Toyotas in Seattle

Toyota Certified Used Vehicles are sold exclusively through participating Toyota Dealers. For TCUVs in Seattle, visit Toyota of Seattle today! Customer service is our top priority – we’re committed to making your vehicle purchase a painless and enjoyable experience.

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