What is Toyota’s Safety Sense System and How Does It Protect Drivers?

When purchasing a new vehicle, many car shoppers bring a list of their most desired features, at the top of which are usually safety and security features. After all, you want to know your friends, family and cargo will be protected when you’re on the road. In each new Toyota vehicle, you can trust that safety comes standard. Toyota’s commitment to the safety of you and your loved ones is evident in their extensive Safety Sense™ System which allows you to enjoy the drive knowing you and your cargo is secure.

Pre-Collison System

While you’re on the road, it can be difficult to fully anticipate every possible outcome or calculate every risk. Toyota’s standard pre-collision system can help you feel more confident changing lanes, maneuvering traffic and more with its state-of-the-art detection and warning features. In standard pre-collision systems, your Toyota will utilize a forward camera and radar to determine the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. When you hit traffic or the vehicle before you suddenly brakes, the pre-collision monitor will warn you if there is a risk of a frontal collision using audial and visual cues and apply brakes if necessary.

Lane Departure System

On long road trips, you may find yourself getting a bit sleepy from the lack of activity or experiencing some highway hypnosis. It happens to the best of us. However, when you aren’t at your most alert, you may end up drifting toward one side of the road or the other and put yourself in danger of leaving your lane. Toyota’s got you covered with their cutting-edge lane departure alert system which warns you with audio and visual cues so you always know when you must correct your vehicle’s course.

In some models, you’ll receive a little extra help if you depart your lane. The lane departure alert system with steering assist can take corrective action on its own if you fail to do so. Steering assist will gently guide you back to your lane using its external lane recognition camera to identify painted lane markings. As always, if you begin to doze off, it’s best to pull over for a power nap before continuing your trip, but you can count on Toyota to provide one more layer of protection when the road gets long.

Cruise Control System

The trip is half the fun of a vacation! Don’t let a long drive wear you out by having to keep an eye on your speed and the vehicle in front of you. In your Toyota, you can enjoy the drive more with our standard dynamic radar cruise control, which allows you to maintain a speed from 25 to 110 miles per hour while also watching the car before you. With its front-facing camera and radar system, your Toyota can detect velocity changes in the car in front of you and will adjust your speed automatically. This also maintains a set distance between vehicles, allowing you to relax on the drive there. In full-speed range models, you can even tackle bumper-to-bumper traffic with ease as the cruise control system maintains speeds from zero to 110 miles per hour.

Experience Total Security and Comfort

Buying a new vehicle doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Toyota can check off all your safety wants and needs with our Safety Sense™ system, standard in all Toyota models. To schedule your test drive of the newest Toyota models, contact Toyota of Seattle online or call 206-382-4300.

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