Toyota Camry: Reliability Comes Standard

Shopping for a new Toyota is an exciting experience thanks to the many options available to today’s drivers. No matter which Toyota you choose, you know you’ll receive one of the industry’s best. If you’re looking for a Toyota with power, safety, style and reliability, though, you needn’t look further than the 2017 Toyota Camry. As one of the industry’s top safety picks and a Kelley Blue Book Best Buy award finalist, the Camry perfectly combines the performance you want with the safety and reliability you deserve.


The safety and security of you and your loved ones are Toyota’s highest priorities. With the 2017 Toyota Camry, you’ll receive top-of-the-line smart safety technology and an advanced airbag system that will protect what you love, even when the unthinkable happens.

Although Toyota can’t eliminate the blind spots themselves, the 2017 Toyota Camry can monitor them for you. The Camry’s Blind Spot Monitor system detects vehicles in your blind spots and warns you when it’s unsafe to change lanes. Similarly, the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert system informs the driver if there are approaching vehicles when backing out of a parking space or driveway. While these systems monitor your blind spots, the Camry’s backup camera helps you be more aware of your surroundings, so you never have to fear parallel parking again.

We all experience late nights on the road or slip into highway hypnosis during road trips. The Camry’s Lane Departure Alert system warns you visually and audibly if you’re in danger of accidentally leaving your lane. On those same road trips, you’ll want a cruise control that actually allows you to relax without worrying about the car in front of you suddenly slamming on their breaks and causing an accident. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system allows you to set the speed and distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, maintaining distance and adjusting the speed if the other vehicle brakes.


Like safety, you expect a Toyota to boast the highest-grade performance on the road. In the 2017 Toyota Camry, you’ll experience the true thrill of the drive again thanks to its V6 power engine and sport handling. The Electric Power Steering offers a smooth ride and precise steering no matter the road.

Power means more than optimal handling and steering; it means you can drive confidently and responsibly. The 2017 Toyota Camry saves you money at the pump with its impressive gas mileage – up to 33 highway MPG. Want to save even more on fuel economy? Opt for the incredible Camry Hybrid with advanced aerodynamics and lighter materials that will take you farther with less fuel. Enjoy up to 42 MPG in the city with your choice of Camry Hybrid models.


Having a Toyota Camry with impressive road performance and extraordinary safety features is good. Having one that looks good too is better. The sporty appearance of the 2017 Toyota Camry is sure to turn heads. The quality Ultrasuede® cockpit cradles you in comfort while you enjoy the ride, and the moon roof allows you and your passengers to feel the wind in your hair. The interior has plenty of room for all your friends and family and a spacious trunk for all your storage needs.

Toyota takes style to the next level with the aggressive grill, 18-inch alloy wheels and chrome accents, all with elegant lines and colors ranging from ruby red and blue streak to Parisian night and midnight black.

Find Your Camry at Toyota of Seattle

No matter your tastes, there’s a 2017 Toyota Camry for everyone. It’s time to discover your Toyota Camry at Toyota of Seattle. To schedule your test drive of our available 2017 Toyota Camry models, contact us online or call 206-382-4300.

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